| game plan | 1 yr 4 mths to move |

a few months ago i made a choice. i decided that life in lincoln, nebraska wasn’t cutting it for me anymore and i needed to get out. as a lesbian, a young person, a human, i knew that the world had a lot more to offer me.

i’ve been working the same job for 2 years, loving it, but longing for a change. i want a change in a lot of places in my life. so i called up the one person i knew would be down for this adventure. i told my best friend, pj, that i wanted to move to los angeles. of course, he said yes. and thus our journey is beginning.

the process will be long and laborious, but we knew we needed a year in the places we are living now (me lnk and him chicago) to set ourselves up for success when we do get to los angeles. here is our plan as we begin to prepare ourselves for this move half way across the country.

  • research, research, and more research | the key to any major move is to start by doing all the online stalking of your future city that you can. i’ve been on hundreds of sites giving advice about moving to la. i’ve been scouring reviews of restrauitns in various la neighborhoods. i’ve searching on indeed.com for jobs in any field i have skills in. i’ve been looking up the best bars for lgbt+ people like myself and my future roommate. i’ve been comparing apartments in every area of the city. long story short, i’ve been looking into it, assessing what i can afford and what i’ll be able to do for work when i arrive. i want to equip myself with all the information i can before i make my move.
  • skill building | this one is something i didn’t expect or plan when i first decided to move to los angeles. i initially thought i would continue teaching, but the more i thought about it, the more i knew i wanted to try something new. so i started looking at other career options and realized rather quickly that tech skills were not only nice to have but essential in landing a good paying job in the silicon valley. so i enrolled in an online web design course through skillcrush.com. i’m currently in the process of learning web design skills and coding and loving every challenging and difficult moment.
  • savings plan | i realized that if i was going to head west unemployed then i was going to need a significant cushion to get me through that time. i am in the process of creating a savings plan that will work for me over the next year to get me the money i need to get through the first month or so of unemployment when i arrive in la.
  • building credit | as a young adult in the midwest, i’ve never been in need of a credit card. for reasons i’m not entirely sure of, i’ve always seen credit cards as an unnecessary evil, but the fact of the matter is, i need to build some good credit for when i move out to la as most renters prefer a tenant with a good credit score. as i have no credit, i plan to get a credit card with a modest limit that i can easily pay off each month, in order to start building my credit.
  • dreaming | los angeles is a city for dreamers and people in search of… ya know… “the good life.” therefore, i think it’s super important to dream big. imagine the life you’re hoping for. don’t limit yourself by being too realistic. of course, there will be limitations and hardship and struggle, no matter where you live, but when you’re planning out your dream move, aim high. of all places, la is one where dreams become reality.

so there it is. my initial plan, one year and four months away from my move. my first steps to living in a place i truly love. i can’t wait to see what comes next.